Back in the spring, I was in California without a whole lot to do, except miss my mama, miss my retail business, and miss my mountains.  As a result, I spent even more time on Facebook than I normally do – it is kind of my link to the outside world, from Babb, and I am not ashamed by my affection for it.  Anyways, I entered a contest to win a free sign from Signs of the Mountains, run by Pete Sveen out of Bozeman, and as it turned out, I won!

Pete creates awesome signs reflective of the average Montanan’s love for fishing, skiing, and all things mountain-based.  He does custom work, too, like our honey sign, which we promptly hung on the Warehome door back in June:

Pete reproduced our logo perfectly, and though we didn’t have to pay for our pretty signage, his prices are mighty reasonable.

If you need a custom sign, get in touch with this great Montana biz – having recently fought my way through a forest of illuminated trees at Lowe’s, I think it’s fair to say that Christmas is coming … and that if you’re already shopping, you’d better be shopping small business!  Especially Montana-small-business.

This has been your occasional public service announcement from Glacier County Honey Co.

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