Summer 2012 was a favorite of mine, fabulously beautiful, very infrequently smoky, not particularly windy, hot more than not!  A rare summer in the north country.

Over the years, I’ve gotten used to a Labor Day weekend snowstorm that shuts summer down and ushers in fall, though I can’t say I’m a fan of that particular weather pattern.  But this year, Labor Day was lovely, and 70 and 80F temperatures lingered through September.  I hardly dared to speak of the phenomenal weather, for fear of scaring it away, but as the gorgeous afternoons waned on into late September, Maggie Rose and I would drop everything we were doing by 4pm every day to take in a walk, to try to somehow bottle the scent of fading summer in our memories.

And so, when the forecast called for 8-12″ of snow on Tuesday night, I resigned myself to the idea that the stolen late summer season was done.  As it turns out, the weatherman was right, and we went from 70 degrees to a foot of snow in about 12 hours!  It was a wet, heavy, shoulder-season snow, reminiscent to me of the June 8th, 2002, snowstorm, that left Babb without power for over a week, a storied time I ought to recount on this ole blog one day.

Anyway, the power started flickering as darkness fell, and I thought to myself, Self, you really should take a shower, before it goes out for good.  But although I accepted that the change in the seasons would start tonight, I didn’t really believe that we would get all that much now.  So I didn’t shower.

And as I laid on the couch at 4:30am, unable to sleep what with the  baby monitor and the deep freezer and the space heaters cutting on and off, on and off, I knew I had made the wrong call.  Sure enough, the power finally went out for good at 4:30, and didn’t come back on again until noon.  Considering the extreme wind and snow conditions we experience near Babb, the power hardly ever goes out, and this was the longest I had been without it during my winters here.  When we lived down at Hillhouse, my cell phone still worked in a power outage, and I would amuse myself until the phone died.  But up here, we don’t have any phone service without the booster, and the booster sho don’t work without juice.

So I was bored.  And dirty.  And hungry, but too lazy to pull the Coleman stove out of the garage just yet.  Mostly because I didn’t feel like digging out the front door to go down to said garage:

And Honeydew was bored, too, because when all the snow thundered off the very pitched roof of the Warehome at about 6am, it took with it the stove pipe, the sewage vents, and his beloved satellite dish:

Cabin fever set in quickly.  So, we went to Duck Lake Lodge for lunch – a mid-week novelty for this crew!

And when we returned home, the power was back on, and I did a happy dance and sent out warm, fuzzy thoughts to all the Glacier Electric linemen out there, turning our lights on.  Thanks, guys.  You’re the best!  Are we in for a long winter or what?

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