When we were done paradin’, we headed to the Tack Barn for a little grub and conviviality.

The Tack Barn was probably a granary for the former Bar X 6 Ranch, but thanks to Brother Dear’s carpentry skills, now it’s our bar!

There were so many old friends to catch up with, and new friends to meet.

And tons of fabulous food to eat!

This party sponsored by Pinterest.

Mrs. Calgary’s cakes – wow! And delish, too.

We continued to admire each other’s floats …

And plan even better ones for next year …

And compliment Sarah’s amazing cowboy boot/sneakers …

And admire Miss Duck Lake, post-wardrobe-change.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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2012. Glacier County Honey Co. All photo credits to Marc Ankenbauer. All Rights Reserved.