Our apologies for our absence from the internets in the last few days.  We know y’all missed us and our drivel terribly.

Between the summer visitors to the Warehome, the lovely retailers who carry our products, and our own website, we don’t have a huge need to spend the year traveling from sales show to sales show.  Thank goodness.  Shows are so much work!  But every now and again, the timing is right and the invitation is intriguing and we forget how exhausting it is to haul heavy honey and delicate beeswax candles and fake Christmas trees over the Continental Divide, and we say, “Sure, we’d love to exhibit!”

For example: late this summer, we found ourselves accepting an invitation from the Conrad Mansion Museum to exhibit in their 29th Annual Christmas Bazaar. I couldn’t resist a chance to dress like a Victorian beekeeper and set up shop in the hallowed — and gorgeous — halls of the Mansion, as I have a fun connection to it.  I’ve written a little bit about the history of the land I live on, the old Bar X 6 Ranch/Park Saddle Horse Company.  Its most famous matriarch over the years was undoubtedly Edwina Noffsinger, and she happened to grow up in the Conrad Mansion.  So, I said yes, I’d love to exhibit.  And that’s where I’ve been for the past few days.

Although the Conrad Mansion is now just a few blocks from heart of Kalispell, when it was built it was on the edge of the frontier.  Amazing, no?

The most beautiful indoor tree I’ve ever laid eyes on … will have to bring Maggie Rose next year to have her picture taken next to it.  Wow.


This huge archway in the Mansion’s front room allows music to be heard throughout the three story home.  I enjoyed hearing live Christmas music in late October – Christmas isn’t always my thing, but I surely do love the tunes associated with it.

The whole house was dressed to the 9s!

As was the Glacier County Honey Christmas tree, located in the Rose Room.

We brought several new candles to the Bazaar, all of which sold out!  Look for a post of those later this week.

Do I look like a Victorian beekeeper or what?  Honeydew looks pretty modern.  And pretty handsome, too.  Except that his head is lining up in a funny way with our logo.  A striking Tester resemblance?  Whoa!

Over the course of our 3 days exhibiting in the Mansion, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wares for sale.  The Bazaar was filled with talented local artists and craftsmen – there was hardly any kitsch in sight!  Our beeswax candles and ornaments, and honey — of course!  — were well received, and we had such fun visiting with our customers, some new and some old.  Thanks for having us.  We’ll hope to be back in 2013!

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