November 2012

Yesterday afternoon, I got a wild hair and decided that THIS YEAR I am not sending out my Christmas gifts with the 30,000 other packages I will ship on December 21st.

I say this every year, but yesterday afternoon, I actually decided what I would give to a few special folks, and then I made it!  Whoa.  And “a few special folks,” a lot of you are blog readers, so if you want to be surprised, skip this post.

There are gazillions of ways to fatten up your skinny friends and relatives via brownies, cakes, and cookies — just check out my Pinterest boards, stuffed full of gloriously unhealthy desserts that I hopefully will never make — but here’s a twist on the traditional sweet: our Soon-to-Bee World Famous Spiced Honeyed Almonds.

Y’all.  These babies are tasty!  The backs of Honeydew’s hands are stinging red from all the spatula smacks he’s received in kitchen in the last 24 hours.


Almonds and honey are one of our favorite combinations at Glacier County Honey Co.  Did you know that the major reason we go to California is to pollinate almond orchards?  And that without said pollination, almonds would not be a commercially viable crop, and we would not enjoy their abundance in the relatively low prices that we do?

Mmmm, almonds.  We’re partial to the Blue Diamond kind — by supporting Blue Diamond, you’re supporting the lovely family that owns the orchard our bees pollinate.  And us, too, of course.

Anyway, if you’d like to gift your own Spiced, Honeyed Almonds, here’s the recipe, as I adapted from one posted on


2 c whole, raw almonds, skins on

1/4c sugar

1tsp salt

1tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

2tbsp Glacier County Honey

2tbsp water

2tsp vegetable oil


Toast almonds on an ungreased baking sheet at 350F for about 12min.  Meanwhile, prepare a medium saucepan with the honey, water, and oil.  Bring it to a boil on medium heat just as the nuts are coming out of the oven.  Dump them in, and cook until the liquid is all absorbed, stirring frequently, 5-10min.  While they’re cooking, combine your sugar, salt, cinnamon and red pepper flakes.  Mix well in a small bowl.  When the almonds are done cooking, dump them into a medium bowl and toss with the sugar-spice mixture.  Spread on waxed paper to cool.


Bee merry!

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I sometimes think of December as the gleaming, steel toothed trap on the calendar, and I wake in the late November darkness and lay resigned, knowing that it waits, just around the corner.

I love the twinkling, tiny lights spilling from porches and eaves; the soaring mandolins and searing piccolos tumbling from speakers more often accustomed to twanging guitars and thumping bass; the notes of cheer overflowing in my post office box; and the toasty scents of rum, vanilla, and almond wafting from the oven.

But I despise the fleeting hours of daylight, and the sunsets that come before the work day is even done.

I loathe the gag gifts, mostly crafted in China and immediately destined for the landfill.

At times, I resent the incessant call for frivolity that accompanies every moment up until December 25.

And at other times, being my more-often-than-not positive, festive self, I revel in it.

Then, I hate feeling conflicted.

But mostly, I abhor the empty seats at the dining room table, like lifesize mirrors, reflecting Howard and Pa Pa and my beautiful quasi-godmother and that darling boy I loved in college and fun loving friends from high school and Little Bob, who first made me feel welcome in Babb, the town I now call home.  All gone to me, now.

And as my fingers move across the keyboard, I give myself a stern talking-to about half full glasses, gratitude, and attitude — all maxims I adhere to — but as the days slip past us, into December, I can’t help but give voice to what I know consumes so many of us, the fear of the trap.

2012. Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we at World Headquarters were mighty thankful.  Specifically, Brother Dear was ecstatic over the Redskins’ win, I was thrilled with the orders rolling in, and Honeydew was in a tryptophan coma as he cleaned up the bringbacks, meal after meal:

Mmmmm.  We used up the last of the Duke’s mayonnaise stash my uncle Vince sent us some years back, and it was a worthy end to that supply!

Saturday, we joined Honeydew’s family for a little last minute freezer stockin’:

Walt, Honeydew’s hilarious step-father-in-law, filled his cow elk tag during our adventure.

Sunday, we packed orders allllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyy … thank you so much for your support!  Don’t forget, today’s the day for 15% off all apparel and accessories with code BLOG15.  Who doesn’t want a Glacier County Honey hoodie?

If you’ve ever ordered from us before, you should receive one last coupon code in the mail this week, good December 2-4.  If you don’t receive it, please contact us so we can share it with you.  Thanks, friends!

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Craziness abounds in the wax room:

Lots of work to do tomorrow, and Monday, and … all the days until December 21, when we will make our last shipments and close up shop for the holidays.

But for now, I’ve got my Red Ants Pants on, and I’m off to celebrate Small Business Saturday with a little huntin’.   Hoping to see an inbox full of orders when I return – 15% off all retail honey jars (not buckets) with code BLOG15 today in honor of Small Business Saturday, which we are very proud to be a part of!

I hope y’all find deals abounding for Small Business Saturday – even if you make just one small biz purchase in your holiday procurement, what a difference you will make.  Let’s keep our money here, and not in China, and our friends and neighbors employed.  Everything Glacier County Honey Co. sells is Made in the USA, and most of it, Made in Montana by our very own bees or with our own little hands.

Check back Monday for a Cyber Monday deal … and don’t despair when our website doesn’t automatically calculate the 15% off … I’ll do that by hand when I return from hunting … perhaps Santa will bring us a superfancy website one day … Happy shopping!

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Thanksgiving at World Headquarters, courtesy of Mama Stone:

Blog readers, don’t forget to enter BLOG15 in the comment box of any order to get 15% off beeswax today, 15% off honey tomorrow, and 15% off accessories on Monday!  See the details here.

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Writing this post has become one of my favorite yearly traditions. I love curling up to my laptop in the pre-dawn Thanksgiving hours, as the turkey shakes off its chill from being brined, the baby sleeps peacefully, and the snowflakes fall silently against the Warehome windows, to write this post.

We’re thankful for healthy honeybees, first and foremost.

For Spring.

For warm, lush spaces in California that give our honeybees a little respite from from the wild weather that defines life near Babb.

For Summer, and for our National Parks — created for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

For family.

For wild things, and the chance to live among them.

For Fall.

For America, for the Great State of Montana, and for Chief Mountain.

Is it blasphemous to also be thankful for Chevy trucks?

For Winter.

For a place that my family thought might be a spot for healing, after we lost my brother Howard. We were right, and even better, Hillhouse has become an epicenter not just in our lives, but the lives of our friends, for joyous dancing and campfire reflecting.

For birthdays, and for grandparents …

For the cake that accompanies birthdays, and the babies who remind us that really, great cake is one of the best things in life. This gluten free, organic German Chocolate Cake came from My Sweetie Pies Bakeshop in Columbia Falls – y’all should check ’em out!

For our dear friends and mentors in California who’ve taught us so much about beekeeping, and life in general.

For our canine companions.

For friends like Pseudo Sista, who makes life delightful, and so much better organized, too.

For Sunshine. Ooooh, it just makes us feel so good!

For Summer. And yes, I realized we were already thankful for it in this post. I feel doubly thankful for summer!

For our customers, who through their support of our small business are keeping about a 1,000 hives of bees alive and well that otherwise would not be; are supporting our small family; and are allowing us to employ two young men full time. We’re proud of that, and grateful to all of y’all who visit us via our retailers, on our webpage, at festivals and tradeshows, and at our World Headquarters near Babb, Montana.

For everyone who helps us get it all done, and have fun doing it, especially those awesome employees, Keith Peltier, who joined us in Spring 2011, to the far left, and Neil Hawks, who joined us in Summer 2012, to the far right.

Happy Thanksgiving from World Headquarters!

2012. Glacier County Honey Co. All Rights Reserved.

I unveiled these new candles at the Conrad Mansion Christmas Bazaar to great fanfare – actually to the point where I didn’t think I should add them to our website until I’d caught up filling the orders I received for them at the Bazaar!  But now I have, and here they are:

Honeybear Candle, $12 – approx 50 hours burn time

Rolled Beeswax Lookalike Pillar, $5 – approx 20 hours burn time

Wilderness Pillar, $12 – approx 50 hours burn time

This last one is proving to be an especial favorite here in Montana, as it features a deer on one side and a bear on the other.  Great for huntin’ camp!

All are now available at

And, kind blog readers, if you’re counting your pennies — and who isn’t? — don’t forget about our upcoming Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals – you can find the details here.

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