Ok, so we’re a fan of hyperbole.  But seriously, when we saw these sweet little ornaments at the 2011 Made in Montana Marketplace, we need we had to sell ’em.  What with the arrival of Maggie Rose, we never crossed “PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY” off our pre-Christmas list, but this year, the lovely young women who make these ornaments gave us a buzz to see if we wanted to place a wholesale order.  And we surely did.

The three Vosen Sisters create each Early American Ornament ornament by hand.  No two are alike, and each are composed of handwashed and homespun wool, handsheared from the historic Graham Ranch and made in Great Falls, Montana.  Priced from $9 to $11, we have very limited quantities of these ornaments, so if you’re thinking of ordering, please do so as soon as possible, so that we can reorder from the Vosen Sisters as necessary.  Obviously, each ornament takes some time to create.

Just like our beeswax ornaments, these Early American Ornaments are an example of how beautiful a non-made-in-China ornament can be.  Enjoy!

Snowflakes. $11 each.

Elk.  $11 each.

Buffalo.  $11 each.

Candy Cane.  $11 each.

Black and Brown Bears. $9 each.

White Sheep.  $11 each.

Black Sheep.  $11 each.

Moose.  $11 each.

And finally, Horse.  The horses are my favorite.  $11 each.

No two are alike!

Their manes and tails are so soft.

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