We love Thanksgiving.  We love posting lists of what we’re thankful for, we love baking cranberry clafoutis, we love brining enormous Hutterite turkeys, and we love seeing hunting husbands bring home giant hunks of game.

We loathe seeing Thanksgiving rushed over in favor of Christmas-Hannukah-Kwaanza-Festival-of-Lights-Whatever-You-Celebrate-in-December.

However, we do making our living, in part, in retail.  And so we’re announcing a few special dates just to our devoted blog readers and Facebook fans, in case you’re thinking Glacier County Honey Co. retail will be part of your December.  And we hope you are, even as we pretend that November isn’t crashing into December.

Save the dates to maximize your savings!

Black Friday – 15% off all beeswax candles, ornaments and retail bars/blocks with code BLOG15*

Small Business Saturday – 15% off all retail honey jars – 8oz, 1#, 3#, 5# with code BLOG15*

Cyber Monday – 15% off all apparel …

… and accessories with code BLOG15*

Plus, established customers — i.e. those who’ve ordered from us before November 1, 2012 — will soon be receiving a mailing offering a coupon code applicable December 2 -4 — this coupon code includes a percentage off shipping!*

*none of these deals apply to 12# or 35# buckets of honey, nor to bulk beeswax, i.e. 20# blocks — they’re already deeply discounted, y’all – thanks for understanding*

*also, when you enter the code into the comment box, don’t despair when it doesn’t automatically deduct the percentage — our website is small, like our business, and not that fancy — after your credit card is processed, we’ll refund you the 15% — if you’re paying by invoice, we’ll send you an adjusted invoice by e-mail*

Now, let’s get back to enjoying all things pumpkin, turkey, and football!  Welcome, November.

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