Before life dealt me the Beekeeper Card, I lived in Missoula, Montana, and intended to remain.  Oh, it was too crowded and too far from Glacier for my tastes, but I loved my employer and my friends there — both times around.

I relished the downtown scene, too, the rich, perfectly pulled Americanos at The Break; the grilled-cheeses-and-tomato-soups that so reminded me of my mother’s, at Worden’s; the hustle of the Farmer’s Market and the River Market on Saturday mornings; and that cutting-class feeling that Wednesday Out to Lunch in Caras Park always gave me, whether I was 22 and about to go float the Blackfoot River, or 29 and about to go conduct a mediation at the courthouse.

And then there was the window shopping, the sparkling earrings at Miss Zula’s, the quietly gleaming Le Creuset pots at Macy’s, the glittering engagement rings at Stoverud’s, and the sweetness of the wooden toys at the Walking Stick.  I am a walker-thinker, and whether or not I would ever meet the right guy and have children often crossed my mind as I peeked into the Walking Stick’s windows at a my customary dash, no doubt headed to the Bead Store to visit Claire, or to Layla and Rachel’s riverside apartment for wine and winning conversation.

Yes, I loved my life in Missoula, though I don’t miss it.

But I still get to visit, thanks to those beloved employers and friends, and to Glacier County Honey Co’s retailers in Missoula, including our newest one, Walking Stick Toys, which has picked up our beeswax and honey stix – Nature’s pixie stix!  From the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook, it looks like Erika Hickey, the Walking Stick’s owner, has already been crafting away with our all natural wax and a pile of happy kiddos.

Thanks for your support, Walking Stick!  Missoulians: head to 829 S. Higgins Ave for all your environmentally friendly toy, beeswax and honey stix needs, and the added warm fuzzy bonus of supporting two small Montana businesses at once!  Or give Erika a call at 406.543.1179.

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