We’ve been awfully well behaved on the blog now for far too long.  And it’s true that we’ve been busy with bidness, and that’ll keep us out of trouble for a while.  But at present time, Honeydew is happily ensconced in huntin’ camp — he got an elk on Monday! — and I’m in that happy pre-holiday state of relaxation, the calm before the retail storm.  So it’s time to spice it up and share some pictures of a recent party that we threw for our darlin’ Layla Jane, who left Montana behind last month for higher education.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll be back, and soon, but for now we thought we’d post a few snaps of the going-away/surprise-birthday par-tay we threw for her in farewell.

Pseudo Sista and I did the plannin’.

Our signature cocktail was champagne and apple cider.  By request, nearly everyone brought a bottle of champagne to the party, and though we had thought to stock Layla’s car for a roadtrip she was about to embark upon, that idea did not come to fruition … but the party sure was fun!

Glo made all of our favorite Tennessee gal’s favored birthday cakes: red velvet, tres leches, and banana puddin’!

Dom created chocolate topped jello shots with rum soaked cherries on the bottom … no one liked those at all.  And yes, the median age of this crowd was well past 30.  Why do you ask?

Heather and Damian provided the space at their cozy house near the lake.

Damian and Layla Jane.

Heather, Michy, and LJ.

And Sarah appeared mid-party and surprised us with leftover champagne and roses from The Bachelor, which was filming in Whitefish that week!  I’ve never even seen the Bachelor, but I know enough about it to find being “rosed” hilarious.

There were also treats like birthday cake shots …

Wild smoked salmon, deviled eggs …

And pumpkin dip …

Needless to say, Pseudo Sista and I had a mighty fine time with the fall theme, and with Pinterest.

As parties go, people came from as far as Seattle to wish Layla well — we miss you, Deirdre! — and it took Honeydew a week to recover.  So I’d say it was a good one.  Layla Jane: come back soon, ya hear?

Shaun, Pseudo Sista, LJ, me

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Big thanks to Dave and Sandy Street for their support of The Party.  Some photo credits to Glo Caudillo and Dominica Esperas.  All Rights Reserved.