Writing this post has become one of my favorite yearly traditions. I love curling up to my laptop in the pre-dawn Thanksgiving hours, as the turkey shakes off its chill from being brined, the baby sleeps peacefully, and the snowflakes fall silently against the Warehome windows, to write this post.

We’re thankful for healthy honeybees, first and foremost.

For Spring.

For warm, lush spaces in California that give our honeybees a little respite from from the wild weather that defines life near Babb.

For Summer, and for our National Parks — created for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

For family.

For wild things, and the chance to live among them.

For Fall.

For America, for the Great State of Montana, and for Chief Mountain.

Is it blasphemous to also be thankful for Chevy trucks?

For Winter.

For a place that my family thought might be a spot for healing, after we lost my brother Howard. We were right, and even better, Hillhouse has become an epicenter not just in our lives, but the lives of our friends, for joyous dancing and campfire reflecting.

For birthdays, and for grandparents …

For the cake that accompanies birthdays, and the babies who remind us that really, great cake is one of the best things in life. This gluten free, organic German Chocolate Cake came from My Sweetie Pies Bakeshop in Columbia Falls – y’all should check ’em out!

For our dear friends and mentors in California who’ve taught us so much about beekeeping, and life in general.

For our canine companions.

For friends like Pseudo Sista, who makes life delightful, and so much better organized, too.

For Sunshine. Ooooh, it just makes us feel so good!

For Summer. And yes, I realized we were already thankful for it in this post. I feel doubly thankful for summer!

For our customers, who through their support of our small business are keeping about a 1,000 hives of bees alive and well that otherwise would not be; are supporting our small family; and are allowing us to employ two young men full time. We’re proud of that, and grateful to all of y’all who visit us via our retailers, on our webpage, at festivals and tradeshows, and at our World Headquarters near Babb, Montana.

For everyone who helps us get it all done, and have fun doing it, especially those awesome employees, Keith Peltier, who joined us in Spring 2011, to the far left, and Neil Hawks, who joined us in Summer 2012, to the far right.

Happy Thanksgiving from World Headquarters!

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