December 2012

Santa came to see Maggie Rose a little early this year. She seemed excited about her gift, but I think she’s hoping the jolly man will return with more tricycles, unicorn pillow pets, and peanut brittle on the 25th.

What do y’all think of her gift?


Can you read her t-shirt? Kids always love getting clothes for Christmas, right?

Well, she’s gonna BEE a BIG sister!

In June, we hope.

Keep your fingers crossed. Like Maggie, Baby 2 has NAIT — neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia.

Unlike Maggie, we know ahead of time.

In a nutshell, I won’t be joining Honeydew in California this year. I’ll soon be headed to the hospital once a week to receive infusions of an amazing substance called IVIG. Shortly after her birth, Maggie Rose received several infusions of IVIG before she received her donor platelets. Together, the IVIG and the platelets, combined with the care of our amazing doctors and nurses, especially Dr. Ribgy, saved Maggie’s life.

Now, our doctors hope that by giving me big doses of IVIG, we’ll avoid the NICU entirely for Baby 2. If you’ve been affected by NAIT, leave a comment, will you? It’s pretty rare, and we’d love to talk to someone who’s had a second NAIT baby, especially if you’ve undergone the IVIG therapy.

No cause for undue alarm, though. All pregnancies are fragile, and we are in very good hands.

We think a sibling will be the greatest gift we ever give Maggie Rose, and hopefully, one day she will agree.

Merry Christmas to our own brothers and sisters, who know why we are the way that we are, even when we wish they did not.

If you’d like more information on donating platelets, click here.


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Because it’s been snowin’ and blowin’ for days now — with practically zero accumulation, thanks to the blowin’ — I’m posting a few pics that never made it to any June blogs, and should have.


Ah, June.


June in South Carolina, no less.


Remember, Friday is the shortest day of the year, and then each day from now until mid-June will be a little bit longer.  We can do it, y’all!

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maybe these will help …

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Festive Kwanzaa, and may all that you celebrate in December bee wonderful — even just the arrival of good ol’, never-gets-old Friday Afternoon.

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Loyal blog readers, thank you for indulging us over the last several months, as we’ve used this blog as more of a marketing platform than as a center for prose.  We hope to return to musings on life in Glacier National Park’s shadows and more very soon.

But we truly appreciate those retailers who decide to take the plunge and carry our products, and it seems wrong to us not to let our customers in various areas know when there is a new retailer to support!  So.

That said, meet Brix Bottleshop, newly opened in the historic Loading Dock in downtown Kalispell!  Brix is carrying our honey and our beeswax candles, along with some of our other favorite things: quality beer and wine, yummy offerings from other small farmers, and more!  If you’re downtown, check ’em out at 101 East Center St, #102:


Brix is owned by Karen Sanderson, a lovely gal and fifth generation Flatheader – that’s saying something, in Montana.  Congrats to Karen on her new venture!    You can give her a ring at 406-393-2202.

And now, for enduring another marketing post, here’s your reward — write BEEMERRY in the comment box of any order and we’ll take 20% off any beeswax candle or ornament in your basket!  But be patient – our website is small, and won’t take the percentage automatically.  The website will email the order to us and if you paid via PayPal, we will refund the percentage via PayPal; if you chose the invoice option for credit/debit/check, we’ll e-mail you an invoice reflecting the percentage.  Offer good through Saturday, December 15.  Happy shopping!

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The hustle and bustle of December is no joke.

In between shipping Glacier County Honey Co. packages, feeding the beekeeper and the baby, keeping the fire stoked, baking cheese straws, managing my (pathetic) Fantasy Football team, and in general, living life, we’ve also managed to squeeze in a few outside-of-the-Warehome-adventures:

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Maggie Rose went shoe shopping in downtown Kalispell.


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And delighted in the beautiful snow that fell all morning, bringing in Big Mountain’s opening day with a bang!


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She tasted her first hot-chocolate-with-whipped-cream, too.

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And helped Grandpa help her pick out the perfect tree.

Hope all is merry and bright where y’all are.

Also, if you’re looking for a deal on the best-honey-you’ve-never-tasted, there’s a special on our Facebook page

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We’re happy to have honey for sale in the Flathead Valley at the Apple Barrel, My Sweetie Pies Bakeshop, and the Sykes Market, and we’re tickled to announce that our beeswax wares are now also available in the Flathead!


Flathead Valley, meet Trailhead Supply, purveyor of fine beeswax candles and ornaments, harvested and handcrafted by Glacier County Honey Co.  Trailhead Supply is owned by father-daughter duo Andy Breland & Sydney Paine.  In addition to beeswax, Trailhead Supply carries a large selection of horse packing equipment, camping supplies, tack, rodeo gear, horse feed and dog chow.  Their full line of products is available online, and in person at 860 N. Meridian Rd, Ste A11, Kalispell.

Next time we’re in town, we’re planning on picking up some Bob Marshall Blend Coffee there, and trying their Cross a Ranch Beeswax Hand Cream!


Andy and Sydney have been online since 2009, and with a physical presence in Kalispell since November 2011.  Their hours are Tuesday-Friday 9-6; Saturday, 8-4; closed Sunday-Monday.

If you’ve got questions about which candles or ornaments Trailhead Supply has in stock, give ’em a ring at 406-752-4437 or shoot an email to  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hooray for small business!  Thanks, Trailhead Supply, for picking up our products.

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Especially when December’s black darkness settles like a woolen coat over the landscape, and all of the lights inside the Warehome have been shut off, the twinkling bulbs on the trimmed tree can take me back to any Christmas of my life in their reassuring continuity.  Some of the ornaments hanging from our tree’s crooked branches have belonged to our families for more than 30 years, and as I place them on the tree, and tell Honeydew their stories, or vice versa, there is a time capsule feel to the whole event.


Here is the wooden tree Howard made in preschool; here is Honeydew’s favorite rocking horse; here is the gold star for my family’s long-since-dead German Shepherd George; here is the only ornament we’ve ever bought together, a delightfully ugly armadillo we picked up at a bee convention in Galveston; here is Maggie’s 1st Christmas ornament; and here is the newest one, that arrived yesterday, a link to my heritage:


As we string tinsel and curse at lights and warble along with Bing Crosby and She & Him, I serve spiced almonds and homemade caramels and smoked trout on the Spode china handed down to me by my mother, and I know the only thing’s that really changed for me is my time zone, and the fact that I am in charge, and not assisting.  Still a strange feeling.


Later this month, I will set the table with one grandmother’s wedding china and use another’s recipes for cheese straws, dressing, and coconut pie to heap upon said table.  I will e-mail one aunt to ask her advice about cranberries, and call another for thoughts on sweet potato biscuits and tiny pecan tartlets.  I will start my own traditions with Honeydew and Maggie Rose, too, and further broaden all that December may one day mean to Maggie, as she carefully unwraps the beeswax ornaments I made before she was born, to hang on her tree, wherever that might be.


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