Santa came to see Maggie Rose a little early this year. She seemed excited about her gift, but I think she’s hoping the jolly man will return with more tricycles, unicorn pillow pets, and peanut brittle on the 25th.

What do y’all think of her gift?


Can you read her t-shirt? Kids always love getting clothes for Christmas, right?

Well, she’s gonna BEE a BIG sister!

In June, we hope.

Keep your fingers crossed. Like Maggie, Baby 2 has NAIT — neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia.

Unlike Maggie, we know ahead of time.

In a nutshell, I won’t be joining Honeydew in California this year. I’ll soon be headed to the hospital once a week to receive infusions of an amazing substance called IVIG. Shortly after her birth, Maggie Rose received several infusions of IVIG before she received her donor platelets. Together, the IVIG and the platelets, combined with the care of our amazing doctors and nurses, especially Dr. Ribgy, saved Maggie’s life.

Now, our doctors hope that by giving me big doses of IVIG, we’ll avoid the NICU entirely for Baby 2. If you’ve been affected by NAIT, leave a comment, will you? It’s pretty rare, and we’d love to talk to someone who’s had a second NAIT baby, especially if you’ve undergone the IVIG therapy.

No cause for undue alarm, though. All pregnancies are fragile, and we are in very good hands.

We think a sibling will be the greatest gift we ever give Maggie Rose, and hopefully, one day she will agree.

Merry Christmas to our own brothers and sisters, who know why we are the way that we are, even when we wish they did not.

If you’d like more information on donating platelets, click here.


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