Honeydew and the crew are breaking strong, healthy hives into queen nucs today, in preparation for requeening season. The first graft will be tomorrow, with endless gratitude to Steve Park and Jim Libbee for so facilitating.


If you’re curious about all this talk of requeening, grafting, and what not, check out these posts I did last year: Requeening, Part I and Requeening, Part II.

That’s Keith, Darling-Brother-in-Law, and my father-in-law, Bob Fullerton of Chief Mountain Honey fame. He’s been beekeeping for about 40 years now, and I think he knows a thing or two. Honeydew is enjoying having a full crew, plus Neil, not pictured, this year. I am not enjoying not being part of the crew, but am grateful for the chance to gestate another beekeeper. We could never have too much skilled labor around here!

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