There is an oft repeated story in my family about my great-grandmother Stone, who would bake ten cakes at Christmas, and then “go down for a month.”

Well deserved, great-grandmother. Especially in light of the fact that you likely did not possess a stand mixer.

After the Made in Montana Marketplace, I felt like I needed to go down for a month, too.


The Marketplace is fun, and it’s always wonderful to connect with our wholesale accounts and retail customers, old and new, but three days of hauling honey, wax, and a toddler was more than enough for pregnant me.


Thanks, Mom, for all your help.

Upon my return, Honeydew could hear the exhaustion in my voice, and he made arrangements for an unplanned trip home to take care of me, Maggie Rose, and Dos Ittles.  He leaves again for California tomorrow, but it has been a wonderful string of days, and I am renewed and mentally ready for this next, last little stretch of time without him.  When he returns, there will be no denying Spring’s arrival, and the weeks until the bees arrive in Montana, and Dos Ittles arrives in our family, will be in the single digits!

So, I haven’t put my blogging time in like I swore I would.  But that’s ok.  It’s not often in the winter/spring months I get to spend time with Honeydew and Maggie Rose.

While he’s been home, we’ve stocked most of our wholesale accounts and calendared when big summer orders need to be delivered. We’ve planted blueberry bushes and watched a spring blizzard kill our lettuce. We’ve made elk fajitas and ordered pizza, just because we could. And we celebrated Easter, and spring’s arrival, with bubbles and sunburns:

maggie easter


And a little ole bunny cake I made Maggie Rose for Easter.

Indeed, great-grandmother, you were a wise woman.

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