The bees, we’re happy to report, are looking fantastic despite their likely displeasure at bidding adieu to California and hello to “spring” in Glacier County, Montana.

Did I mention it’s snowing again this morning, on and off?

We mixed up a little syrup last week in case the gals were getting hungry, waiting on the dandelion bloom.  Maggie Rose was ever helpful:


But this week we’ll leave the girls to their own devices, and not open up their houses while they’re trying to stay warm.  While they’re watching Beetime on their wax couches, we’re putting new frames and boxes together.  Today, Neil is painting some of those boxes:


Our singles are looking good, so we’ll need these new boxes and frames in a few weeks, as the singles become full size hives and need more room to grow and work.

We like to work, too.

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