Glacier County Honey Company invites you and yours to join us for our 2nd annual Fill Your Own Bucket Day, at World Headquarters near Babb, Montana, on Saturday, August 10, 2013, from 8am-5pm.  We’ll be giving tours of the honey extracting plant, the hives, the wax rendering process AND selling honey for the lowest price of the year!

Here are the details:

If you bring your own (clean) containers, we’ll fill them with honey for you at a wholesale rate – ONE DAY ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please do not show up the day before or the day after (or a month later, as happened last year) and ask us to honor these prices.  We pull all of our employees out of the field and change the setup on our entire extracting process for this one day in order to offer these prices, and that is only feasible for ONE day each summer.  Thank you in advance for understanding.

The price?  We’ll set it around August 1st, when we see what the market price for water white, raw honey is — we’ll announce it here, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter, at that time.  Or you can always email, fax 888-451-8669, or call 406-544-2818.

Last year, folks paid $2.65 per pound for containers under 20 pounds, and $2.45 per pound for containers over 20 pounds.  Pricing should be similar for 2013, but again, we’ll announce it by August 1.  There is a 60 pound per person limit, period.  That’s about a 5 gallon bucket’s worth.  If you are a business who needs wholesale honey, please contact us beforehand to discuss pricing, etc.  Fill Your Own Bucket Day is meant for our retail customers, only.

Picture 145

Capped Glacier County Honey in the frame, just waiting to bee extracted.

Frequently asked questions about the honey, answered: yes, the honey is 100% natural, pure, and raw.  Unfiltered, unheated.  The best sweetener for you on earth, and the best tasting to boot.  Our bees are tops, y’all, and our locations in pristine Glacier County can’t be beat.

Ok, those are the details.  Here is the fun: in addition to filling your own buckets, tubs, and jars — we had lots of customers getting ahead of their Christmas gifting with precious Mason jars to fill last year! — you’ll be able to tour the honey extracting plant, meet the bees if you’re interested, see how beeswax is filtered and transformed into candles, ornaments, and the like, and pepper #1 Beekeeper with all your most burning questions.

I’ve got a few for him, too.  Like, when are our kids going to be big enough to help with this event?  Hmmm.

September 2009 094

Extracting honey the year we were married, at #1 Beekeeper’s family’s original operation, Chief Mountain Honey Company.  Did you know Chief Mountain Honey’s #1 Beekeeper, Bob Fullerton, is retiring from retail sales, and that Glacier County Honey Company is now handling Chief Mountain Honey’s retail accounts?  Details soon to follow! 


Extracting in the Warehome, which we built the year after we were married to house Glacier County Honey Company.  That’s Neil, one of our employees, above.


Rendering beeswax.

One last thing: wholesale prices mean CASH OR CHECK ONLY.  Please come prepared.

We’ll have all of our retail stock — honey, beeswax, and gifts — available, too.  Credit/debit is fine for those purchases, as long as the internet connection holds.

some of the finished products 2_800x600_scaled_cropp

Directions are here.  Mapquest/Google are not reliable.  Print these before you leave home.  Without a booster, you won’t have cell service near World Headquarters.

Pick out your favorite hike on Glacier National Park’s stunning best/East side and save the date – we look forward to seeing y’all!  Saturday, August 10, 2013.

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