This is normally what happens in Montana — or at least near Babb — over Memorial Day weekend:


Columbia Falls, Montana: May 23, 2013

Happily, the snow blew itself out before the weekend began, and I snuck off to Babb for my last pre-Dos Ittles sojourn.  The weather was sublime.  I’ll try not to rub it in verbally, but I will share a few of my favorite shots of Maggie learning about summertime.


Putting in our first garden at the Warehome.  

The topsoil looks promising, we’ll see what the weather holds for us … but it’s easy to be optimistic this time of year.

Like the farmers we are, Honeydew and I bubble over with enthusiasm about the potential of this year’s honey crop this time of year, every year.  THIS is the YEAR, we say to each other!

And it could be, y’all.  Collectively, our bees look better than they ever have, thanks to endless hours of painstakingly detailed work by Honeydew and the crew.  Moisture levels are good so far.  We’ve had some heat.  You never know.  As my Pa Pa would say, “there ain’t never been a normal year yet,” as far as farming goes.  This year could be off the charts in a good way.  I think that sort of optimism is pretty essential to life in agriculture.  By August, we’ll probably be singing a tale of averages, or woe, but for now optimism feels mighty fine.


Hello, Many Glacier!

Glacier County’s nod to Ireland doesn’t last long, but its verdancy fills up all the green color receptors in my retinas in a most happy manner.


Walking the swamp road to go check on her bees.



Honeydew and I will not be able to give Maggie Rose everything, but space and freedom to run will not be a problem.  Sometimes I’m amazed by how far away from us she will go by herself.  And then I look in the mirror, and at Honeydew, and think, No, no, Miss Independence is no stranger to us.


Checking on the Home Bee Yard.  

Despite the abundance of dandelions — a favorite snack for bees this time of year — the girls were feeling feisty on this gorgeous Sunday morning, so Maggie and I kept more of a distance than we normally do.  I have this thing about wearing sandals whenever the weather allows in Montana, so I was foolishly walking mostly barefoot through a field filled with dandelions, and bees working those dandelions, so of course I got stung right in the arch of my foot.  Dumb.  Don’t do as I do.


Mighty Chief, keeping watch over Gretchen’s Mirror and its resident loons.

We heard the loons screaming at “every other living thing,” as Brother Dear puts it, many times over the course of the long weekend.  Honeydew sometimes call the loons bullies, but I love to hear their silvery call, the sound of the wilderness, which I’ve expounded on many times before.


Walking, talking.

We’re about 95% certain we saw a juvenile red headed pileated woodpecker on our walk.  Very cool, as neither of us thought the species inhabited our part of the world.  Maggie Rose has sharp eyes, like her daddy and her Nan.



May you always be on the lookout for the new, Mags.

Hope y’all had a nice long weekend.  We worked during most of the weekend, and felt privileged to be able to do so.  Our hats, as always, are off to all those who’ve served and are serving, so that we may keep our bees and our baby on an international border in peace.  Thank you.

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