The Baby Beekeeper is about to give up her title, as we expect a new baby beekeeper next week.  If you need honey or beeswax, please contact us ASAP so we can get that out to you in a timely fashion – there is no maternity leave for the self employed, but we do intend to count all the baby’s fingers and toes before resuming shipping.  Thank you for your understanding!

Last week, to celebrate the last days of her reign, Baby Beekeeper took to the fields with Daddy for the first time, wearing a precious pink daisy printed bee suit her Grandma Sarah made for her 2nd birthday.  I could not believe that Daddy wanted to take her to work with him, as we were/are in the midst of potty training.  And in general, the attention span and patience of a 2 year old is famed, and for all the wrong reasons.  And bees sting.  And etc.


But Daddy is quite a guy.  And Baby Beekeeper is quite a gal.  And off they went, while I “baby mooned” with my mom, shopping for “antiques” (i.e. junk furniture for Baby Beekeeper’s new Big Girl Room), getting ahead of paperwork, stocking the freezer, setting up the nursery and doing all those last minute baby things massively pregnant women suddenly find imperative to accomplish.  Biology is a beautifully mysterious thing.  Hilarious texts from Daddy as the week wore on included: “being Mommy is hard.”  Thank you for providing a patch of calm before the storm, Honeydew.  Much appreciated.

Anyway, here are a few shots of Maggie Rose’s first day as a working gal.  She’s yet to be stung and can eat her weight in honey straight from the comb.


Arriving in the bee yard.


Helping Uncle T.


Very busy and important.


First lessons in hive tool-ery.


Is it lunch time yet?


She helped catch her first swarm, too.

We’re mighty proud of our girl.

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