How’s the honey crop?  Everywhere we go, especially in our painted bee trucks, people want to know.

Well.  We’ve had plenty of moisture, but we need some heat.  If we get some heat, oooh boy pretty honey crop!  All we can do is wait, and hope.

In the meantime, Travis has been putting his fancy new work phone to good use:


Jackie, your bees say hi.


Sweet clover foreground, alfalfa background – both excellent honey plants.


First honey of the year, happy working bees.


This is an old frame, so the comb and the honey look dark, but the close up of the bees is pretty cool, no?


Neil, channeling Jackie Park-Burris.


The bees have quite a view of Glacier National Park while they work.  Keep at it, girls!

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Photo credits to Travis Looney.  All Rights Reserved.