July 2013

In the midst of all the general harvest time insanity around here, our local FSA office called and wanted to know if we could help entertain USDA Undersecretary Ed Avalos during his visit to Glacier County.

Well, why not?

Any chance to show the talking heads in DC what actual farmers do for a living is ok by us – no offense to Mr. Avalos, who we deemed an all around nice guy and enjoyed visiting with.

Here’s a few shots from our visit:


Explaining the process of rendering beeswax.


Showing off our gentle, sweet gals …


… and our even sweeter baby boy, of course … his sister was napping.

Thanks for your interest in Montana agriculture, Undersecretary Avalos!

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We’re in the midst of the honey harvest!  And therefore, you’re invited to our 2nd Annual Fill Your Own Bucket Day on Saturday, August 10, 2013, from 8am-5pm. See you at World Headquarters for tours of the honey house, candle making, the bees themselves, and outrageously low prices on honey.



To fill containers under 20 pounds:  $2.95/#

To fill containers over 20 pounds: $2.75/#

There is a 60 pound total limit per person.  If you are a business who needs wholesale honey, please contact us beforehand to discuss pricing, etc.  Fill Your Own Bucket Day is meant for our retail customers, only.

Only cash or checks will be accepted for these Fill Your Own Bucket prices.


If you bring your own (clean) containers, we’ll fill them with honey for you at a wholesale rate – ONE DAY ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please do not show up the day before or the day after and ask us to honor these prices.  We pull all of our employees out of the field and change the setup on our entire extracting process for this one day in order to offer these prices, and that is only feasible for ONE day each summer.  Thank you in advance for understanding.

Frequently asked questions about the honey, answered: yes, the honey is 100% natural, pure, and raw.  Unfiltered, unheated.  The best sweetener for you on earth, and the best tasting to boot.  Our bees are tops, y’all, and our locations in pristine Glacier County can’t be beat.

We’ll have all of our retail stock — honey, beeswax, and gifts — available, too.  Credit/debit is fine for those purchases, as long as the internet connection holds.

Directions are here.  Mapquest/Google are not reliable.  Print these before you leave home.  Without a booster, you won’t have cell service near World Headquarters.

We hope to see you near Babb!

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

When Maggie Rose was born, our days and nights played out in a choppy rhythm to a tune we didn’t know, and couldn’t fall asleep to, as we listened to the notes and tried to make sense of the melody of infancy.

Howard’s arrival into our lives is more like a song remembered, if a few notes missed here and there.  I suppose what I mean is that it seems he has always been with us, and already I hardly remember a time without both he and Maggie Rose.  Life has simply moved forward in the last four weeks, and swept us all along with it.


We’ve celebrated our favorite holiday, the 4th of July.

We’ve remembered my brother Howard, and joyfully watched Maggie play in the gorgeous memorial structure that our friend Jordan built in his honor.


I got in a little much needed time with a few of the Hot Buns, who arrived from Asheville, Atlanta, and Seattle to hike and play under the brilliant July sun.


We were reacquainted with July-under-the-Big-Sky … a shade of blue singular to this inestimable month.


And most importantly, all of this July-ness has been kind to our honeybees, who have a crop on!  So we set up the extracting room and began harvest at 8:22 am on Tuesday, July 16.


Harvest is the hardest kind of work, and by extension the best, too, as fits the norm in superlatives.  The days are endless and yet not nearly long enough.  Our bones ache with the effort of moving thousands and thousands of pounds of honey from the hive to the truck, from the truck to the warm room, from the warm room to the extracting room, from the extracting room to the barrel, from the barrel to the tractor trailer … to say nothing of the retail honey.

Harvest.  A precious four week old baby.  July.  A two year old starting to speak in sentences.  Just after Maggie’s bedtime on Tuesday, Honeydew and I collapsed on the couch and stared in silence at one another, happy to be together, happy to have a crop to harvest, but too tired to say much to one another.  After a few minutes, Maggie’s wondering voice drifted in over the monitor:

“Daddy happy.  Mama happy.  Maggie happy.”

Yes, Maggie Rose. We are happy.

2013. Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

Yesterday, we celebrated freedom and our favorite day of the year with the annual Parade and Potluck at Duck Lake: a blast.

We also celebrated our freedom to be as tacky as we wanna be:


Hope yours was as festive!