Not sure where August went.

Maggie Rose and Howard, should you one day read this blog and wonder where the August entries are, I promise we fed, bathed, and loved you despite the lack of documentation.  Bills of lading, honey supers that made our scapulas groan, and endless sticky laundry defined August 2013, and there was little time for precious baby pictures.

Mama is sorry.


We shipped plenty of honey, and are thankful for a good harvest.  Maggie was ever helpful, Honeydew was ever industrious, I was ever exhausted.


Wait, we all were.


But watching Maggie Rose and Howard begin to interact made the sleepless nights and backbreaking days worth it.


Grandma Sarah came to visit and Maggie Rose and Howard were thrilled to have a constant play companion.  Maggie is currently obsessed with painting her nails — this amuses me greatly, as I only paint mine for weddings.  Sometimes.


While Grandma was in charge, I snuck off for a girls’ night with Pseudo Sista and Natalie2.  We savored Twistas at Two Sisters and then soaked up the Many Glacier porch until it was long past dark.  I suppose I’m one of “those moms” who “needs” a break from her kids.  It makes me feel guilty — but then, what about modern mothering does not?  — but I return ever more appreciative of those tiny, if sticky, hands.  Thanks, Grandma.


In late August, Howard’s 2nd month check revealed a baby who is finally over his jaundice.  We are relieved!  In light of everything else, jaundice is such a small issue, but after months of a daily mental litany of all the things that might be wrong with Howard, it provided a bone for me to obsess over, and that wasn’t such a good thing.


Just before Labor Day weekend, Maggie Rose and I found a big patch of snowberries.  They’re beautiful, but their presence leaves no doubt that the first freeze will happen in a matter of days.


I feel the same way, buddy.  First frost.  I’m not ready, either.


2013 Fill Your Own Bucket Day Crew — not pictured, Chuck (who was watching Maggie & Howard) and the delightful Connie Olson

Thanks as always to our parents, our siblings, and dear friends who are helping us put Harvest 2013 to bed, whether you’re extracting honey, painting fingernails, or taking out the trash.  We appreciate you more than you know.

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