We’re done!


The warm room is empty once more.

All the honey is pulled, extracted, and ready for your enjoyment.


Travis and Neil with just 2 stacks to go!

To head off some of your questions at the gate: yes, all of our honey is raw honey.  Yes, that’s the stuff that’s actually honey, the stuff that’s good for you, and the stuff that also is the tastiest.  What is raw honey?  Honey that has been handled respectfully and gently by the packer, in this case, us.

Raw honey is never superheated — superheating honey breaks down the delicate enzymes the bees add to it, i.e., part of what makes honey, honey.  Why do the big packers superheat it?  So it won’t crystallize on their shelves.  The Big Box Store wouldn’t be too happy if it ordered a million pounds of honey and had it go rock hard on the shelves, now would it?  So, crystallization, while annoying, is often indicative of honey’s “rawness.”  And crystallization is reversible — here’s our post on how we liquefy our crystallized honey.

Raw honey is never filtered — filtering honey removes pollen, wax, and other goodies that make honey, honey.  Why do the big packers filter honey, and sometimes send it through a diatomaceous earth filter?  Again, to cut down on that crystallization factor.

Honey is a super saturated sugar, so there’s not much that can grow in it.  There’s no reason to mess with nature’s perfection, so we don’t.

Happily for us, we live in the middle of nowhere (we love you, Pioneer Woman, but compared to us your ranch is in Brooklyn), in the midst of plants that make the best honey you’ve never tasted.  Mostly sweet clover and alfalfa, if you’re wondering.  As a result, our honey is mild, light, and sweet, of course, but not cloying.

There’s no difference in the Glacier County Honey Co and Chief Mountain Honey Co honeys.


Chief Mountain Honey on display at Natural Grocers in Kalispell!

Everything for sale is this year’s crop and yes, we have comb honey this year!


Ross Rounds are $15 each.

We welcome more of your questions, and your orders.  Check out www.glaciercountyhoney.com or email sales (at) glaciercountyhoney (dot) com for more information.


Howard helped me pass out honey stix at Natural Grocers last week.  

We appreciate your support, and of course your business, more than you know.

And now, we’re going to say a few words of thanks for our harvest, and take a nap on our sticky couch ….

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