October 2013

Happy Halloween from all the beekeepers at Glacier County Honey Co!






I go on and on about July most of the year, and I forget about October.  The Tiffany blue skies, the 24 karat larches, the crisp 58F and sunny climate that just makes you want to split wood, put gardens to bed, and gather up bees.

The wind is howling as I type this, and winter is blowing October’s glory down Memory Lane, but I assure y’all, it was a grand one.


Those skies. By day, and also by night.




Sunset from HIllhouse.


We didn’t just stand around and gawk at the skies, though that would have been fun.  We passed time at a punkin’ patch, makin’ friends.


And we read lots of books.  Curious George is a favorite, of course.  Roy has learned a lot from him.


Maggie helped fatten up her beloved chickens at Grandma Sarah’s house.


Howard’s eyes seemed to deepen in their sapphire depths right along with the October skies.  He’s four months old now, and delightful.


The October aspens blazed in the last golden days before Winter arrives.


And it surely won’t be long.  This was just a dusting, in early October, and I think in the morning we’ll wake to Winter Wonderland that will likely stick around until the Wonder is gone.  For me, anyway!


As Anne of Green Gables said: I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.  One photo credit to Charles Stone.

Have y’all heard that as fine chocolate ages, the natural oils within it begin to rise to the surface, clouding it?  No?  Well, fine chocolate has never lasted that long in this household, either.

But beeswax does the same thing: as it ages, its natural oils rise to the surface and cloud it.  I like the way it looks, but if you don’t, the situation is easily remedied: simply rub the oils back into the beeswax with a soft, dry cloth.  Presto!


See how this Honeybear Candle has bloomed?  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with him, he’s just cloudy.

Why am I writing about this bloom, you ask?

Well, it’s time to clear out the summer stock of beeswax candles, blocks and ornaments, and make way for fresh new ones, just in time for the holidays.  So, all of of our in stock beeswax candles and blocks are 40% off (EXCLUDES 20# bulk blocks) and ALL of in stock ornaments, whether beeswax or wool, are 50% off!  You’ll have to rub the bloom in yourself, but otherwise there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the stock, and y’all know that if there is, we’ll refund you.

When you order on www.glaciercountyhoney.com, you’ll be presented with 2 options at checkout: PayPal or invoice.  Choose invoice and I’ll send you an invoice reflecting the sale prices.  Our website is beautiful, but not too fancy — it won’t automatically calculate the percentages for you.

Questions?  sales@glaciercountyhoney.com

Happy sale shopping!


40% off IN STOCK candles and blocks, excluding 20# bulk blocks.  Once an item sells out, the item is out of stock and we’ll be unable to fulfill your request at sale price.

50% off ALL IN STOCK ornaments, beeswax and wool.  Once an item sells out, the item is out of stock and we’ll be unable to fulfill your request at sale price.

Sale ends Friday, October 11, at 6pm Mountain Standard Time.

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

Cut Bank is our county seat, where we go to pay taxes, buy groceries, and tinker with cars.  I started my legal career there as an intern in 2006, and in the way of small towns, quickly became friends with a guy about my age with a similar inclination for twisting political conversations and an adoration of the Rockies.  Not long ago, my friend decided to apply himself to his photography hobby, and the results are stunning.  I emailed him and asked to use these photos on my blog because I think y’all just have to see them.

May I present, the Northern Lights from Cut Bank, Montana, on October 1, 2013:




To keep up with Jackson’s photography, check him out on Flickr: jbell2006.

Thanks for letting me share, Jackson.  Keep up the good work!

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All photo credits to Jackson Bell.  All Rights Reserved.

Montana, you’ve never gifted me with a lovelier summer.   Thank you.  But could we talk about fall?  As in, are we going to have one, or just go straight from hot to freezing?

The mountains are already wearing their sleek white coats, and they gleam in the late afternoon light, which is fading faster each day.  I went out to grab a load of wood last night, just after 8pm, and was astounded to realize I would need a flashlight for my task.


I dropped our kids off in Helena for a weekend with Grandma Sarah and Grandpa Walt, while Honeydew and I reconnected with hunting camp, and drove right into a full on snowstorm on McDonald Pass.


At camp, we celebrated a 40th birthday and made many new friends.   Making friends never gets old.  One of them noticed a 3′ rattlesnake slugglishly slithering along the dirt road leading to the cabin, stepped on his brakes, backed up, rummaged around his sedan, and promptly decapitated the rattler with his … ice scraper.  Yes, y’all.  I wouldn’t go so far to say it was tasty, but I would say that the texture had that same rubbery-ness that Chicken McNuggets have.  But I’m a snob, I know.


He’ll get a pretty belt out of it, regardless.


On the way to hunting camp, although it was not at all on the way, I drove the Going-to-the-Sun Road for the last time this year.  It was scheduled to close for construction, and would have closed regardless due to the government shutdown, but I like that Mother Nature took over the show and closed it herself, with 8″ of snow at Logan Pass over the weekend.


Baby Howard continues to smile and I swear nothing has ever made me smile so insanely in return.  I am obsessed with that smile of his.  On the other hand, at 5am Howard tends to prove the “everything in nature has an equal and opposite reaction” maxim: no baby has ever put more tortured angst into the howls he lets out upon waking and immediately deciding that he is starving.  It’s disturbing, buddy!


Maggie Rose continues to be a very sweet Big Sister, unless the attention of her Nat Nat, and occasionally her Nan, is at stake.  But otherwise, she’s actually more helpful than I could have dreamed when Howard first came home from the hospital and I felt like I spent all day protecting him from her forceful affections.

Maggie, it looks like we’re in for a long winter.  Daddy and I sure are lucky to have you to help!  How are you with a snow shovel?  I think we’ll be finding out.

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.