Cut Bank is our county seat, where we go to pay taxes, buy groceries, and tinker with cars.  I started my legal career there as an intern in 2006, and in the way of small towns, quickly became friends with a guy about my age with a similar inclination for twisting political conversations and an adoration of the Rockies.  Not long ago, my friend decided to apply himself to his photography hobby, and the results are stunning.  I emailed him and asked to use these photos on my blog because I think y’all just have to see them.

May I present, the Northern Lights from Cut Bank, Montana, on October 1, 2013:




To keep up with Jackson’s photography, check him out on Flickr: jbell2006.

Thanks for letting me share, Jackson.  Keep up the good work!

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All photo credits to Jackson Bell.  All Rights Reserved.