I go on and on about July most of the year, and I forget about October.  The Tiffany blue skies, the 24 karat larches, the crisp 58F and sunny climate that just makes you want to split wood, put gardens to bed, and gather up bees.

The wind is howling as I type this, and winter is blowing October’s glory down Memory Lane, but I assure y’all, it was a grand one.


Those skies. By day, and also by night.




Sunset from HIllhouse.


We didn’t just stand around and gawk at the skies, though that would have been fun.  We passed time at a punkin’ patch, makin’ friends.


And we read lots of books.  Curious George is a favorite, of course.  Roy has learned a lot from him.


Maggie helped fatten up her beloved chickens at Grandma Sarah’s house.


Howard’s eyes seemed to deepen in their sapphire depths right along with the October skies.  He’s four months old now, and delightful.


The October aspens blazed in the last golden days before Winter arrives.


And it surely won’t be long.  This was just a dusting, in early October, and I think in the morning we’ll wake to Winter Wonderland that will likely stick around until the Wonder is gone.  For me, anyway!


As Anne of Green Gables said: I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.  One photo credit to Charles Stone.