It’s been a wild day at our house, to say the least!  After staying up till 1am to make sure our two-and-a-half-year-old’s Christmas was “perfect,” she took one look at the (awesome) John Deere “Gator” Santa brought and refused to go anywhere near it.  This, despite the fact that her “best friend” Axel has a similar John Deere ride that she is obsessed with.  Hmmm.  Instead, Maggie delighted in the many nail polish colors and fleecy purple jacket Santa also left behind, and also in his half-eaten cookies.


What do you want Santa to bring you, Maggie Rose? Purple presents!  And blue presents!

As the morning wore on, she did finally deign to sit in the darn thing, and once she did, it was true love.




We all speak of and delight in our traditions, but what I really love best about Christmas is that the sparkle of the lights in December’s blackness is ever magical, but the players are never quite the same.


Babyman, you’re my favorite new player.


Maggie Rose modeling the holly print dress Big Mama made for me over 30 years ago.

This year, we celebrated with most of Honeydew’s mother’s side of the family the weekend before Christmas.  Prime rib melted in our mouths, Jingle Juice flushed our cheeks, and the cacophony of the cousins made me wistful for a large family, and yet grateful for the occasional silence that does occasionally fall over our two kids simultaneously.  It was a wonderfully exhausting weekend.


For Christmas proper, we were lucky enough to be in our own home with our two tiny tots, and Brother Dear and my parents and Honeydew’s dad all came to us!  For the carseat/naptime set, being Home with your family is the greatest gift of all, I think.  Or at least it is for us after 30 solid days of Holiday Retail Insanity.  We put the “closed” sign up on the Glacier County Honey website on Friday, December 20, and although I’m sure we lost some sales in the last few days before the 25th, nothing we shipped after the 20th would have arrived by Christmas anyway, and the time with our family is priceless to us.


I love the aforementioned lights, I love the tinny carols pouring from the radio waves, I love wrapping the mailbox in fresh garland, I love picking out the perfect trinket for everyone on my list, and I love making lemon spice sauce, bourbon whipped cream, and shrimp’n’grits from scratch …….. but I am glad that it’s all over with now.


Time to pour a glass of bubbly, breathe deeply of Howard’s waning new baby scent, meticulously apply paint to each of Maggie Rose’s tiny nails, and lean against my husband on the couch.  We’ll clean up next year.


Taking the Snow Belle out for a spin!


The biggest hit of Christmas was probably the reincarnation of our old Brio train set.  Nan and Chuck added a few new parts for Maggie Rose and Howard, built a table for it, installed the whole shebang upstairs and I haven’t seen Maggie since.  





Merry Christmas, y’all!

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Some photo credits to Nancy Stone. All Rights Reserved.