Lots to catch up on around here.  It’s happening, it will happen.  Charming pictures of Maggie Rose learning to ski, and of Howard discovering the finer arts of purees to share, funny honey stories to relay, upcoming pollination to discuss.

But today, we’re celebrating the start of a new decade for Honeydew.

We’re so glad you were born, honey.


One beeswax candle for #1 Beekeeper to wish upon.


Need a new chocolate-cake-with-chocolate-ganache recipe?  I picked this one because it said “only 666 calories per slice!,” which appealed both to my chocolate-tooth and to my sense of humor.  Incredibly easy and absolutely delicious, y’all.  Do use the parchment paper liner, though.  And I hope your cake decorating skills are more advanced than mine.  This cake could have been a showcase, but with Maggie Rose’s help, I pretty much turned it into a train wreck.


Baby Howard was snoozing during Daddy’s birthday celebration, but I’m sure Sister will have him well prepped for next year, as she regularly sings Happy Birthday to all the different colored cups she plays with in the tub.  The pair of them are definitely the best gift Daddy ever got.  Unfortunately for him, the return policy is up on me!

Happy birthday to the man who brought all the sweetness to my life.  I love you.

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