Half a foot of fresh, wet snow smothers our yard, and all the sounds of the early morning, as I sit down to write.  I sit reluctantly, not because I do not adore stringing words together, but because my absence has made such stringing less like jewelry making and more like jewelry repair – there are unexpected knots to unravel, sparkling beads dropped to the floor and lost forever, rings of emotion too loose or too tight to wear just yet.

But I am grateful for this season of repair – the words, I trust, will still be there, when my Babyman is no longer a baby, and the Rose of the West is in school, and the company checkbook is balanced, and all the nagging insurance questions are answered, and the endless emails accumulating in my various inboxes are properly acknowledged.  I promise myself that after Christmas, when the last package is shipped and the inventory taken, I will take the time each day to write, to sweat, to run my fingers along the guitar Brother Dear gave me for Christmas last year, as I so long to learn to play.  And hopefully that will happen.

For now, pictures worth thousands of words of thankfulness:


My Maggie Rose.  She’ll be four in May.  Amazing.


My Babyman. Howard was about a year old in this shot – he’ll be 2 in June.

For old, dear friends …

law school

(law school)



college progeny

And the chance to know the beautiful children of those old friends.

I’m thankful for new friends …


And the opportunity to watch my children become friends with theirs on a near-daily basis.

fairy godmothers

For Fairy Godmothers …


For knowing where you come from … this picture was taken in October, at the Black-Kitchens Family Reunion, near Millen, Georgia, to celebrate Aunt Sarah Black Johnson’s 100th birthday!


For civilization, and the business opportunities it affords – thanks for all the small biz therapy, Mags, and congratulations to you and Cole on your beautiful brewery!  I’m thankful for good beer, too.

glacier national park2

For wilderness, and the joy it restores in me.

glacier national park

For wilderness, and the chance for introspection it so often presents.

glacier national park4

For wilderness, where I fell in love with the man who changed my life.

glacier national park23

For wilderness, the keeper of my most sacred memories …


It’s hard to be thankful for you, Howard, when I miss you so much, but I am thankful for the 19 years we shared, especially those last months in Glacier National Park.


For bees, for pollination, for honey, for a bountiful harvest, for the chance to get up every day and do it all over again.


And for my little family.  For the coffee cups and sippies and champagne flutes that delineate our days, I am most thankful of all.


And also, although I write because I love to write, and not to convince you, Gentle Reader, to buy our honey, we’re thankful for you, too, and would like to offer you 25% off your www.glaciercountyhoney.com purchase, Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.  Not valid on 12# or 35# buckets, 12 packs/Super Sweet Savers, 20# blocks of wax, or shipping.  EARLYBIRDHONEY is the magic code you need.  Happy Thanksgiving!


2014. Glacier County Honey Co.  Some photo credits to Lindsey Jane Gardner.  All Rights Reserved.