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We’re happy to have honey for sale in the Flathead Valley at the Apple Barrel, My Sweetie Pies Bakeshop, and the Sykes Market, and we’re tickled to announce that our beeswax wares are now also available in the Flathead!


Flathead Valley, meet Trailhead Supply, purveyor of fine beeswax candles and ornaments, harvested and handcrafted by Glacier County Honey Co.  Trailhead Supply is owned by father-daughter duo Andy Breland & Sydney Paine.  In addition to beeswax, Trailhead Supply carries a large selection of horse packing equipment, camping supplies, tack, rodeo gear, horse feed and dog chow.  Their full line of products is available online, and in person at 860 N. Meridian Rd, Ste A11, Kalispell.

Next time we’re in town, we’re planning on picking up some Bob Marshall Blend Coffee there, and trying their Cross a Ranch Beeswax Hand Cream!


Andy and Sydney have been online since 2009, and with a physical presence in Kalispell since November 2011.  Their hours are Tuesday-Friday 9-6; Saturday, 8-4; closed Sunday-Monday.

If you’ve got questions about which candles or ornaments Trailhead Supply has in stock, give ’em a ring at 406-752-4437 or shoot an email to  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hooray for small business!  Thanks, Trailhead Supply, for picking up our products.

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All photo credits to the Trailhead Supply.  All Rights Reserved.


I unveiled these new candles at the Conrad Mansion Christmas Bazaar to great fanfare – actually to the point where I didn’t think I should add them to our website until I’d caught up filling the orders I received for them at the Bazaar!  But now I have, and here they are:

Honeybear Candle, $12 – approx 50 hours burn time

Rolled Beeswax Lookalike Pillar, $5 – approx 20 hours burn time

Wilderness Pillar, $12 – approx 50 hours burn time

This last one is proving to be an especial favorite here in Montana, as it features a deer on one side and a bear on the other.  Great for huntin’ camp!

All are now available at

And, kind blog readers, if you’re counting your pennies — and who isn’t? — don’t forget about our upcoming Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals – you can find the details here.

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Before life dealt me the Beekeeper Card, I lived in Missoula, Montana, and intended to remain.  Oh, it was too crowded and too far from Glacier for my tastes, but I loved my employer and my friends there — both times around.

I relished the downtown scene, too, the rich, perfectly pulled Americanos at The Break; the grilled-cheeses-and-tomato-soups that so reminded me of my mother’s, at Worden’s; the hustle of the Farmer’s Market and the River Market on Saturday mornings; and that cutting-class feeling that Wednesday Out to Lunch in Caras Park always gave me, whether I was 22 and about to go float the Blackfoot River, or 29 and about to go conduct a mediation at the courthouse.

And then there was the window shopping, the sparkling earrings at Miss Zula’s, the quietly gleaming Le Creuset pots at Macy’s, the glittering engagement rings at Stoverud’s, and the sweetness of the wooden toys at the Walking Stick.  I am a walker-thinker, and whether or not I would ever meet the right guy and have children often crossed my mind as I peeked into the Walking Stick’s windows at a my customary dash, no doubt headed to the Bead Store to visit Claire, or to Layla and Rachel’s riverside apartment for wine and winning conversation.

Yes, I loved my life in Missoula, though I don’t miss it.

But I still get to visit, thanks to those beloved employers and friends, and to Glacier County Honey Co’s retailers in Missoula, including our newest one, Walking Stick Toys, which has picked up our beeswax and honey stix – Nature’s pixie stix!  From the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook, it looks like Erika Hickey, the Walking Stick’s owner, has already been crafting away with our all natural wax and a pile of happy kiddos.

Thanks for your support, Walking Stick!  Missoulians: head to 829 S. Higgins Ave for all your environmentally friendly toy, beeswax and honey stix needs, and the added warm fuzzy bonus of supporting two small Montana businesses at once!  Or give Erika a call at 406.543.1179.

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

We love Thanksgiving.  We love posting lists of what we’re thankful for, we love baking cranberry clafoutis, we love brining enormous Hutterite turkeys, and we love seeing hunting husbands bring home giant hunks of game.

We loathe seeing Thanksgiving rushed over in favor of Christmas-Hannukah-Kwaanza-Festival-of-Lights-Whatever-You-Celebrate-in-December.

However, we do making our living, in part, in retail.  And so we’re announcing a few special dates just to our devoted blog readers and Facebook fans, in case you’re thinking Glacier County Honey Co. retail will be part of your December.  And we hope you are, even as we pretend that November isn’t crashing into December.

Save the dates to maximize your savings!

Black Friday – 15% off all beeswax candles, ornaments and retail bars/blocks with code BLOG15*

Small Business Saturday – 15% off all retail honey jars – 8oz, 1#, 3#, 5# with code BLOG15*

Cyber Monday – 15% off all apparel …

… and accessories with code BLOG15*

Plus, established customers — i.e. those who’ve ordered from us before November 1, 2012 — will soon be receiving a mailing offering a coupon code applicable December 2 -4 — this coupon code includes a percentage off shipping!*

*none of these deals apply to 12# or 35# buckets of honey, nor to bulk beeswax, i.e. 20# blocks — they’re already deeply discounted, y’all – thanks for understanding*

*also, when you enter the code into the comment box, don’t despair when it doesn’t automatically deduct the percentage — our website is small, like our business, and not that fancy — after your credit card is processed, we’ll refund you the 15% — if you’re paying by invoice, we’ll send you an adjusted invoice by e-mail*

Now, let’s get back to enjoying all things pumpkin, turkey, and football!  Welcome, November.

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

Ok, so we’re a fan of hyperbole.  But seriously, when we saw these sweet little ornaments at the 2011 Made in Montana Marketplace, we need we had to sell ’em.  What with the arrival of Maggie Rose, we never crossed “PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY” off our pre-Christmas list, but this year, the lovely young women who make these ornaments gave us a buzz to see if we wanted to place a wholesale order.  And we surely did.

The three Vosen Sisters create each Early American Ornament ornament by hand.  No two are alike, and each are composed of handwashed and homespun wool, handsheared from the historic Graham Ranch and made in Great Falls, Montana.  Priced from $9 to $11, we have very limited quantities of these ornaments, so if you’re thinking of ordering, please do so as soon as possible, so that we can reorder from the Vosen Sisters as necessary.  Obviously, each ornament takes some time to create.

Just like our beeswax ornaments, these Early American Ornaments are an example of how beautiful a non-made-in-China ornament can be.  Enjoy!

Snowflakes. $11 each.

Elk.  $11 each.

Buffalo.  $11 each.

Candy Cane.  $11 each.

Black and Brown Bears. $9 each.

White Sheep.  $11 each.

Black Sheep.  $11 each.

Moose.  $11 each.

And finally, Horse.  The horses are my favorite.  $11 each.

No two are alike!

Their manes and tails are so soft.

Git ’em while we’ve got ’em!

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

Back in the spring, I was in California without a whole lot to do, except miss my mama, miss my retail business, and miss my mountains.  As a result, I spent even more time on Facebook than I normally do – it is kind of my link to the outside world, from Babb, and I am not ashamed by my affection for it.  Anyways, I entered a contest to win a free sign from Signs of the Mountains, run by Pete Sveen out of Bozeman, and as it turned out, I won!

Pete creates awesome signs reflective of the average Montanan’s love for fishing, skiing, and all things mountain-based.  He does custom work, too, like our honey sign, which we promptly hung on the Warehome door back in June:

Pete reproduced our logo perfectly, and though we didn’t have to pay for our pretty signage, his prices are mighty reasonable.

If you need a custom sign, get in touch with this great Montana biz – having recently fought my way through a forest of illuminated trees at Lowe’s, I think it’s fair to say that Christmas is coming … and that if you’re already shopping, you’d better be shopping small business!  Especially Montana-small-business.

This has been your occasional public service announcement from Glacier County Honey Co.

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

Folks who’ve emailed wanting a deal on the honey stix – how about this darling package of 20 for $4?  That’s a savings of .05 per stick, or $1 total, as opposed to buying them individually!

Folks who’ve emailed wanting a cute gift in the $15-including-shipping-range:

I’m calling this “Bee Sweet.”  It’s a bee gift bag packed with a 1/2# of the best honey you’ve never tasted, 5 honey stix, 2oz of beeswax in a beautiful queen bee mold, and a Glacier County Honey Sticker.  The gift bag is $8, the shipping is $5.50 — total price $13.50.

All are now available at

Of course, we do custom gifts for teachers, stocking stuffers, baskets, etc.  Email or call us anytime, and thanks for your support!

2013.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.

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