The Photo Rule has slapped me down once more.  The Photo Rule in my life dictates that there will be many good pictures of unimportant things, and very few of importance.For example, there are many pictures of me, crystal clear and well lit even if unflattering, hanging out on Tuesday afternoons in my cut offs.  If there are more than five pictures total of my high school, college, and law school graduations, I am unaware of the same.

A couple weeks back, I got a phone call from my fine friend Jackson at Bell Chevrolet in Cut Bank.

Actually, I believe the proper name of his business is Bell Motor Co., but I’m a Chevy gal, and so I prefer to call it Bell Chevrolet.  Anyway, Jackson was my very first friend in Cut Bank, Montana, though when I first met him back in the summer of 2006 I never dreamed I would one day call Glacier County home.  On the phone, Jackson explained that Bell likes to participate in Cut Bank’s annual Festival of Trees, sponsored this year by the Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Rockies Medical Center Auxiliary to raise money for their respective organizations.

For the Festival of Trees, local businesses and individuals decorate small Christmas trees in varying themes and with various fun surprises tucked into the branches (Jackson’s dad told me that some trees will have fabulous trips like tickets to the Super Bowl!) and then folks in Cut Bank attend a festive party where they can bid on the trees.  Jackson told me that this year, Bell Motor Co. wanted to do a tree featuring Glacier County Honey beeswax ornaments and honey!  So y’all know I was thrilled.  What you don’t know is that in high school, I worked for Janice Cain Stationery, reveling in creating window displays and gussying up gifts, and that in later years, I worked for Bath & Body Works and won several prizes for the gift baskets I came up with.  Why I went to law school is beyond me – clearly, I love the gift business.  I really do think it is more fun to give than to receive.

Anyway, so I went to Cut Bank yesterday to set up the Glacier County Honey Co tree for Bell Motor Co.  And the Photo Rule slapped me across the face!

If you want to see how pretty the tree really is, you’ll need to head to Joe Meagher Memorial Civic Center in Cut Bank at 6:30pm on Friday night – tomorrow.  Tickets are going fast – to get yours, call the Chamber of Commerce at 406-873-40401!

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