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With the inconsistency of my late blogging, I’m surprised I have any readers left!  We are in the thick of the Holiday Rush, and I am loving it – I’ve been preparing for it all year, trying to add the right items and prepare the proper amount of stock.  It’s fun to see where I was right, and where I was wrong.

Thankfully, the start of the Holiday Rush coincides with The End of Hunting Season, which means that Honeydew is available and happy to hang out with the Maggles while I filter beeswax, tie raffia bows, and label honey.

Here are a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to around here lately … and hang in there in you’re a blog reader who enjoys actually reading … I’ll be back soon!

Maggie and Roy supervising me pouring candles.

Scrabble obsession continues, with Brother Dear and Honeydew.  Who knew “vapored” is a word?

Dressing Maggie up in her Frye boots for a birthday party.  I want a pair of Frye boots!

Ready to process beeswax ornaments and candles.

Dressing Maggie up in her Buggy Boos Christmas shirt.

Shipping the very last load of honey.

Dressing Maggie up in her camouflage, to celebrate the End of Hunting Season!

Watching Brother Dear and Honeydew unload a set of snowmachines – we’ve got enough of the fluffy stuff to run ’em, finally!

Playtime with Pseudo Sista.

Maggie Rose modeling her first — of many — snowsuit.

Duck Lake and Glacier National Park.  Take me home, country roads.

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